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The David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park is located on the beautiful Lake Wales Ridge, and encompasses more than 8,000 acres of sandhill and flatwoods land. There is also an addition 65 acres of submerged area. The Preserve State Park was designated as a state park in December 1991. It lies along the ecosystem of Lake Wales Ridge, and animal and plant specials found nowhere else exist in this park and ecosystem. The scrub habitat represents some of the state’s oldest natural landscapes.

What You Will Find at One of the Best Orlando Florida Attractions for Families

Within The Preserve, you will find six beautiful miles of hiking trails, seven miles of horseback trails, and a covered pavilion. You can also enjoy fishing and wildlife viewing. The area is also home to many rare plants, including scrub plum, scrub morning glory, pygmy fringe tree, and cutthroat grass.

One of the most magnificent residents of the park is the American Bald Eagle. There are also many protected animals, such as Florida scrub jays, Florida scrub lizards, and gopher tortoises. Gopher tortoises are an ancient species that makes its home in sandy habitats. If you can catch a glimpse of one of these tortoises, you might be surprised by the size of the burrows, which are often shared with other inhabitants, such as rabbits, frogs, and mice.

What You Need to Know About the Park

Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park can be challenging to hike. You should be prepared for rugged conditions that are typical of this type of natural habitat. Plan to bring plenty of water, and be prepared for difficult trails.

Catfish Creek Preserve is located about 35 miles south of Orlando. From U.S. 27, turn east on County Road 542, where you will go through Dundee. You will then travel about eight miles to Fire Tower Road and the entrance to the park. The park is open from 8 a.m. until sundown every day of the year, and there are no entrance or admission fees to enter.

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