Orlando Parks

Nature is integral to life, but sometimes it gets pushed to the background. Well, not anymore – this list is going to show you the best parks in Orlando, Florida. Now you can experience the sights and smells only nature can provide.

Mark Your Map

Nature parks in Orlando aren’t hard to get to, as there are plenty; you just have to know where to look. The University of Central Florida Arboretum is an 80- acre environment housing many species of plants – 600 to be precise. Here you’ll find all the native plant life of Florida, as well as wildlife you may come across in other habitats. Tours are available so that you can learn about the plants as you view them – this is a University after all – or you walk through yourself.

For a hike, consider Bear Creek Nature Trail. It’s short, under a mile, but a worthwhile experience. You’ll be trekking through ancient trees, under the shade of their large branches, seeing all sorts of plant life that has grown lushly. It feels like a safari as you go through the dense foliage and see all the life the place offers.

If you want something a little larger, the Disney Wilderness Preserve may be for you. It has over 12,000 acres of land, working on habitat restoration, full of pine savannas.  The plants seem to roll on forever across the vast landscape, offering plenty of areas to explore as you get lost in the experience of nature. Don’t just stop at Disney World, check out the Wilderness Preserve and you’ll have a great story for friends.

Just northwest of Orlando is Kelly Park, a natural park full of towering green tress, refreshing waters, and plenty of wildlife. You can come here for a picnic or have some water fun by bringing inner tubes and floating down the river. This is an adventure, where you’ll want to stay for the whole day. If you are down for a swim, this is as real as Orlando, Florida parks come. Parking may cost a few bucks and it may draw a crowd on the weekend, but it’s a lot of fun.

Check Out What Nature Has to Offer

Orlando, Florida, has plenty of natural life where you can remember what it’s like outside of a city. Come to any of the natural locations and relax amongst a simpler environment. Contact us today for more information, and schedule your Orlando vacation asap!

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