Take A Frosty Dip at Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney has a new take on water fun with its Blizzard Beach water park. The ski resort themed water park is fun for the whole family. Guests can zip down the slopes of Mount Gushmore, which features one of the world’s tallest and fastest waterslides. With fun and fast rides, slow and easy rivers, and a white sand beach, Disney’s Blizzard Beach will be a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Chill off with this frosty water park located in sunny Florida!

Blizzard Beach Attractions

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is Walt’s dream; just add water! The ironically themed water park revolves around a central snowcapped mountain, Mount Gushmore. At the top of Mount Gushmore lies the crown jewel of the melting winter tundra: Summit Plummet. The most extreme ride in the park, Summit Plummet is for the most extreme thrill seekers only.

The water slide features a sheer 120-foot slope that begins at the top of a ski jump. Riders slide down the ski jump, falling at top speed down the slide. At the bottom of the ride lies a digital stop clock that will display your time and speed. Riders will drop 12 stories in total down the slide and splash down in the white water pool at the bottom.

Along with attractions for the thrill seekers, Blizzard Beach also has options for smaller guests. The water park also has the attraction Tike’s Peak, which is specifically designed for swimmers 48 inches or shorter. This is a great place to let the guppies swim around for a while the older fish enjoy the Florida sun.

The final attraction is fit for the whole family. Each member of the family grabs a sleigh and rides Toboggan Racers. Sleigh the competition as you vie for bragging rights as King of the Mountain on this 8-lane downhill waterslide. Each family member grabs a mat and takes their place at the starting line. When the signal goes off, push off the starting block and hang on as you race to the bottom of Mount Gushmore. The slide falls down the side of Mount Gushmore down a 250-foot slope that has three exhilarating drops. The first one to the bottom wins in this winner take all water race.

Visiting Blizzard Beach

Tickets for Disney’s Blizzard Beach range from $49 to $60 depending on age and blackout dates. Contact Tropical Escape Vacation Homes today for more information about this great water park or any other attractions in Orlando!

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