Safari Wilderness Ranch

Have you ever stumbled across a herd of red lechwe running through a trickling river? How soft is an eland’s nose? Have you ever been so close to a zebra you could smell its breath? These type of experiences are really one in a lifetime, and they generally don’t come without a lengthy passport application and an even longer plane ride. However, you can experience these and many more memories that will surely last a lifetime right here in Orlando.

Take a Real Safari in Orlando

A true rarity, Safari Wilderness Ranch feels like a world away from the noisy, crowd-filled daily life of a metropolitan area. But, just minutes away lies a silence that is only found in the wildernesses of Africa, where the silence is accompanied by an open flat of grazing by various animals relaxing in the shadows of different plant life. Enjoy the “fresh” breath of the safari year-round as vultures loom above you in this most dangerous stage.

Safari Wilderness Ranch is not a simple zoo or theme park, but much, much more. There is not a long line to see the lions lying down in a pen. In the Wilderness Ranch, you will enjoy a natural adventure with experienced guides that will tour you safely in a safari style SUV through large herds of exotic animals and through over 260 acres of pristine wilderness. The customized safari vehicles are fitted with shade canopies and even have stadium seating for the perfect view.

If you prefer a more traditional means of transportation, the Safari Wilderness Ranch also offers a wild view from the back of a camel. You can indulge your senses in secluded encounters with ring-tailed lemurs. These Madagascar natives are primates and have tactile pads and finger nails just like humans. A few lucky visitors may even get to accompany the professional animal caretakers to feed the lemurs during their visit.

Visiting Safari Wilderness Ranch

Safari Wilderness Ranch is located six miles north of I-4 between Orlando and Tampa, surrounded by Florida’s Green Swamp, in an expansive and exclusive wilderness area. The dramatic landscape is surrounded by an 870 square mile pristine watershed (The Green Swamp) that is the source of four of Florida’s finest rivers. The customized vehicle tour starts at $75 per person, but for more information on pricing and scheduling your trip through the Wilderness Ranch, make sure you visit

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