A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Orlando, FL

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We’re happy to offer so many vacation rentals that feature fully-stocked kitchens. We’re sure that you’ll feel right at home, able to make all your favorite dishes your way. Then again, cooking can be tiring, and isn’t vacation all about relaxing? If you’re in the mood to go out, we have you covered!

We’ve combed through the many popular restaurants in the area, thrown in some of our favorites, read the reviews, and whittled them down to these eight great restaurants in Orlando, FL. We’re sure that we’ve got something here to please your palate, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Show Me the Best!

If you’re setting out to make every minute of your vacation a memory to treasure, check out these Orlando restaurants:

Victoria and Albert’s

This five-star dining establishment boasts a style and prestige almost unseen in the modern era. Victorian-style furniture and setting plus two waiters per table help make your seven- or ten-course fixed-cost meal one of the most enjoyable experiences of your vacation. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Chatham’s Place

Another fine dining establishment with a somewhat more casual air, Chatham’s Place offers exceptional food that is in tune with what’s best for the season, featuring many herbs and seasonings grown in the head chefs own small organic farm. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Bull and Bear Steakhouse

A posh environment that locals laud as very welcoming, this steakhouse still feels exclusive thanks to its lovely views of the surrounding golf resort, with select tables even able to see the nightly Epcot fireworks. It shows off not only the best continental fare, but shows off that southern seafood can be just as good as the Atlantic’s. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Can We Scale It Down a Bit?

 Even with all the money you save by booking with us, spending upwards of $100 on a meal isn’t really sustainable for most people. Quality isn’t restricted to the upper classes though! Check out these more reasonably priced restaurants in Orlando.

Seito Sushi

It’s restaurants like Seito that have spread the culinary innovations of East Asia across the continent and have made us so glad that they did. Seito includes sushi, makimono, ramen, izakaya, and oh-mori, making it a great place for a small bite, a filling soup, or a family meal. And if you don’t know what any of those above words were, well you’re missing out! Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Raglan Road

If you want a pub-style environment, check out this Irish Pub. Truer to its style than many, the owners and even the building itself are from Ireland! It features live entertainment and the modern improvements that chefs back home across the Atlantic are making to traditional dishes. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Miller’s Ale House

A sports bar where you can enjoy three different games/matches/races/bouts from wherever you’re sitting, the casual atmosphere of Miller’s attracts plenty of locals as a hangout spot. The food is pretty good, and if you want a drink, well, they have you covered, to say the least. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

How About Something Local?

To get to know the area like the locals know it, these are the best restaurants in Orlando to eat at:

Harry and Larry’s Bar-B-Que

If there are no barbecue restaurants, you’re not in the South! Started by two sisters who named it after their grandfathers, this restaurant’s use of family recipes gives a homemade taste that’s hard to imitate. Click here to read more about this restaurant.

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

So, panini isn’t exactly local flavor, but this easily-overlooked gem is still really popular with locals. The price is comparable to the average sandwich shop, but the quality of their grilled sandwiches and never-processed meats creates a meal that’s worth more than every penny. Click here to learn more about this restaurant.

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