Bok Tower Gardens has been one of Orlando, Florida’s top attractions since 1929. Over 23 million people have visited this remarkable stretch of landscape with its expertly maintained gardens, 1930’s Mediterranean style mansion, unique Singing Tower carillon, and peaceful atmosphere. Famous for being one of the greatest works of famed landscape architect Mr. Frederick Law Olmstead Jr., the landscape garden was designed to be more than just a spot full of pretty trees. Its original intention, for which it is still know today, is to be a spot for contemplation, romance, and tranquility.

With breathtaking views of the Singing Tower, dozens of picturesque spots and tranquil trails, acres of palm trees, oaks, pine trees, ferns and all other types of foliage, including seasonal azaleas, magnolias, camellias and more, the Gardens are one of the only attractions in Orlando, FL where you’ll feel away from it all. Some of the Garden’s highlights include: