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Davenport is a small town located just to the southwest of the bustling city of Orlando. Within Davenport, you have the opportunity to enjoy the charming things that only a small town can offer.

Most of us know that Orlando, Florida is one of the most significant theme park destinations in the world. Between Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, there are enough rides and attractions to keep you busy for weeks. At Davenport, you always have the opportunity to take a quick drive into the city to enjoy these attractions. However, there is a great deal of fun things to do in Davenport, Florida itself, that venturing outside of is not necessary to have a great vacation.

Lake Kissimmee State Park

Lake Kissimmee State Park is one of the best places to go in Florida for those who want to enjoy the state’s pristine natural landscape. Here, you can simply walk about and enjoy the beauty, or you can pick from many activities. You can enjoy things like boating or nature and horseback riding trails. You also have access to the two beautiful golf courses that speckle the town.

Davenport Nightlife

Davenport also offers tremendous nightlife regardless of what you look for in your after-hours activities. There are countless bars and pubs throughout the streets of Davenport, as well as a few nightclubs. The Tuscana Tavern is the perfect place to relax and grab a refreshing drink. Boozies Bar and Grill and Happy Hollow Tavern are two places that have a lot of energy in the hours of the night.

Food in Davenport

Throughout your travels in Davenport, you can be sure that there will never be a shortage of delicious seating options. You can find a wide assortment of foods ranging in price and style from fast food joints to local gems. For some of the best lunch that the Davenport area has to offer, go to Camille’s Sidewalk Café or The Davenport Café. For a delicious dinner that will not break the bank, go to The Shamrock Pub and Grille.

Visit Davenport

Things to do in Davenport, Florida offer visitors a unique experience that boasts the best of both nature and Florida city charm. When you want to be swept up in the charm of a small town, you can wander the streets of Davenport, with their countless shops and eateries. When you want to enjoy nature, you will find pristine natural landscape all around the town. When you want to explore the hustle and bustle of a big city, you can take a quick drive into Orlando. Plan your next vacation to include some of the fun things to do in Davenport.

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