Top Trivia About Orlando

If you’re looking for a break that includes sun, warmth, and loads of fun around every turn, you’ll want to make sure you consider Orlando. It’s a fun, interesting place with plenty of history and little-known Orlando trivia you’ll love to discover during about your home away from home. Once you know a little more about your destination, pack your bags and get ready for fun!

The Name

Like many towns and cities across the country, Orlando wasn’t always Orlando. The town was originally named Jernigan, after its first permanent resident, Aaron Jernigan. The name change was made six years later, but local lore offers several explanations. It may be named after a man killed in the Seminole Wars, or another man named Mr. Orlando – who was passing through in search of oxen. Others says it’s named after an assistant to politician Judge Speer, or due to Speer’s love of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – and the play’s character named Orlando.

Orlando Nicknames

Just as the city changed its official name from Jernigan to Orlando, it has several nicknames. The city has been known as “City Phenomenal”, and “City of Light,” as well as “The City Beautiful.”


The area is a “perfect” environment for the phenomenon. The city’s geography of wetlands that include lakes and swamps, along with a mostly flat area make it low and wet. The bedrock is mostly porous limestone, making the area incredibly susceptible to sinkholes. One of Orlando’s most well-known lakes, Lake Eola, is actually a giant sinkhole – with its deepest point measuring 80 feet.

Orlando Trivia About Movies

Orlando and its surrounding area are some of the perfect backgrounds. You may recognize some parts of town as the setting for several major motion pictures. Passenger 57, D.A.R.Y.L., Jaws 3, My Girl, Parenthood, Problem Child 2, Dead Presidents, The Waterboy, Monster, Lethal Weapon 3 and many others were all filmed in Orlando. Another fun fact: the opening scene of Lethal Weapon 3 features the actual demolition of Orlando’s old city hall building.

Know More About Orlando Before You Arrive

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