Orlando Florida Sightseeing

Beautiful Central Florida, home to Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, and tranquil Leu Gardens…the list of Orlando sightseeing adventures is endless!  When you choose Orlando as your next vacation getaway, you will find more to do than probably any other city in the US.  Beautiful, historic, exciting and fun…Orlando will capture your heart and have you wanting to visit many, many more times over the years!

Fun things in Orlando

Those with a green thumb will appreciate the beauty and wonder that is Leu Gardens.  Open from 9-5, everyday of the week, The Lue House museum and gardens have created an oasis of tranquility located not far from vibrant Orlando.  Christmas at the Leu House may not be what one would normally expect to do when sightseeing Orlando, but why do normal?  The Leu House staff goes all out decorating this historic home, giving you the chance to steal some ideas for your own home holiday décor!

If you’re visiting on a Sunday, the Eola Sunday Market, located at Lake Eola, is a Farmer’s Market that is one of the best in Central Florida.  Nosh on local foods, sample the best of their beer and wine and enjoy music and entertainment as you walk your dog and explore the lake area.  Or rent a swan-shaped paddle boat and view the activities from the water; there is no wrong way to explore Lake Eola.

More sightseeing in Orlando

Looking for a unique and exciting adventure during your Orlando Vacation?  Why not wrassle with a gator at Gatorland and awe your friends and family at home with a picture of you (or your child) seated atop a 9 foot gator and his 82 razor sharp teeth?  This pic will give you some serious street cred with all the people in your life!

Kennedy Space Center promises more adventures…and a chance to meet a real live astronaut, learn about NASA’s fallen heroes in the Astronaut Memorial or meander through the Rocket Garden and witness firsthand the beauty that is the rocket ship.  Want to explore the beauty of Orlando on two wheels?  Rent one of the bright orange Juice bicycles and explore to your hearts content…you can keep your belongings in the basket attached to the front handlebars.

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