Seito Sushi

Calling itself “Seito Sushi and New Japanese,” this popular Orlando restaurant delivers on both of these promises. They include old dishes and new twists on classic Japanese fare. Not only do they use ingredients that are almost impossible to find in American stores, they also use local ingredients to make new creations well-suited to American palates.

As for the sushi, just ask around—Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Magazine, and Orlando Weekly have all praised it with their “Best Sushi” accolade. If you’re hankering for Japanese cuisine—especially if you’re from the west coast, where the authenticity is hard to emulate—this is the sushi restaurant in Orlando you need to check out first.


The restaurant now features two locations. The lesser-known location at Sand Lake is easily accessible if you take the I-4 as though heading southwest out of town. The location most people think of when talking about Seito Sushi though is the one at Baldwin Park. This is just north of Colonial Drive from the Orlando Executive Airport, making it a great first or last stop for food on your vacation. No matter which you choose, you’ll be dining at one of the top Orlando restaurants for amazing sushi!

Why Sushi?

Sushi might seem like an expensive delicacy, but those who love it know it’s more than just a novelty. The tiny bites are surprisingly filling and each moment is packed with flavor. Plus, it creates entirely new flavors that you won’t get by sticking to pure American cuisine. You can still get chicken with avocado and tomato here, but why not try something as bold as lobster and beef with jalapeno and truffle aioli? If you’ve never been keen on sushi, why not stop by and see what the fuss is about? Vacation is about trying new things, after all, and sushi restaurants in Orlando like Seito Sushi definitely offer a unique experience!


Keen on what’s freshest and taking advantage of what is best for the season, the chefs at Seito Sushi are always adding to and amending their menus. That said, there are some things you can always count on. Top-quality ramen—24 hours in the making—is available for about $14 each. Single drinks, whether sake, cocktails, or wine by the glass, cost between $7 and $12. Family-style dishes, including whole roast fish and 32oz of flank steak, can run upwards of $50. Sushi orders can run from $3 for smaller, lighter fare to $14 for several pieces of fancier fish. An order of makimono rolls costs around $14, and are worth a look. From salmon with cream cheese and jalapeno to tuna with avacoda and pineapple relish, from shrimp with ginger-lemongrass pesto to panko-fried crawfish with fried okra, the creativity here is quite deliciously astounding!

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