Raglan Road

If you’re in Downtown Disney and looking for an Irish pub, this is the place for you. Disney holds itself to exceptionally high standards of quality, after all, so any restaurant that stays open in such prime estate must be top of the line. This place has it all—fantastic food, exciting music, and rich, rich heritage. It’s the closest you can come to Ireland this side of the Atlantic!


The restaurant is located in Disney World’s Pleasure Island, right by the Disney Marketplace. With so much fun nearby, Raglan Road faces a lot of competition in being a positive memory in your mind—and it rises to the occasion. Good restaurants in Orlando bring an experience all their own, and Raglan Road lives up to this tenant perfectly.

Irish, Through and Through

Of course, all Irish pubs advertise themselves as Irish. However, there’s more to being Irish than some architecture, menu options, and the color green. The Master Chef, Kevin Dundon, is himself Irish, as are the restaurant’s owners. For that matter, even the building is Irish, having been built in Ireland before being shipped to America. So proud and true are they to their heritage, that they include the triskele— three interlocking spirals—as their logo, a Celtic symbol that dates back over 2,500 years and is still used in Celtic art today.

Did we mention the live entertainment? The pub not only features Irish dances from four to nine p.m. each day of the week—every hour on the hour—but also different bands, soloists, and duets throughout the week.

Some might argue that the food here is not “Irish” enough. These folks may not have updated their definition of “Ireland” since the 1880s. The fact is, the chefs here are in touch with what’s going on back home, updating classic recipes and inventing new ones. If you want to taste what restaurants in Ireland are serving now, this is the place you need to be.


The food here is spectacular. While remaining true to its Irish roots, Raglan offers surprising diversity, from mushroom sandwiches to citrus-lime chili scallops, from shepherd’s pie to glazed ham, from bangers and mash to salmon salad. The wide array of options includes appetizers—individual or to share—sizeable entrees, salads, desserts, and adult beverages. The menu is different depending on the time of day; the brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night options are all a little different, so rest assured that you’ll never get tired of going—there’s always something new to try.

Brunch options usually run between $15 and $20. Dinner’s larger entrees can run between $20 and $30, with lunch options costing on average about $5 less. Most appetizers cost between $8 and $15. Desserts are an attractive deal, with fabulous creations such as trifle sinful and steamed orange pudding all costing under $10.

As one of the best restaurants Orlando has to offer, you’d be remiss not to check out Raglan Road! If you’re in the mood for something else, check out these other great places to eat:

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