Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

At Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, we want our guests to have a great time no matter what they’re looking for. So while we’re happy to feature some amazing upscale dining options that you’ll remember for a lifetime, we thought we ought to include a great place to just stop for a short lunch. That’s when we remembered Hot Krust Panini Kitchen. Locals eat here frequently, and many tourists make a point of visiting while they’re in town. If you’re looking for the best cheap restaurants in Orlando, Florida, Hot Krust is one of them!


Hot Krust Panini Kitchen is right next to the I-4, making it a convenient stop. It’s located near the intersection of Sand Lake Road and Turkey Lake Road, right by the locally renowned Restaurant Row, and is conveniently close to Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This makes it a great place for a quick bite before an afternoon at the theme parks, especially if you’re not fond of theme park food prices. This food joint is easily overlooked in the plaza, but the quality makes it stand out. Note, however, that it is closed Sundays.

Why Here?

Don’t write off Hot Krust as just another sandwich place—you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here, and that’s thanks to the way they do their business. As the name implies, it grills the bread to make a sandwich that is not only deliciously toasty but also boasts an impeccable texture. Not only are the sandwiches wonderfully cooked, but so are the ingredients! The beef is slow-cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, the shrimp is glazed, the chicken is roasted, and none of it—not a single meat—is processed. This makes Hot Krust stand head and shoulders above other sandwich restaurants in Orlando, Florida.

Completing the “Letter S Trifecta” of light, yet filling fair, the sandwich shop also features soups and salads. As a bonus, the restaurant is gluten-free friendly and vegetarian friendly! The amenable nature of their signature sandwiches makes it a nice choice for people with dietary restrictions.


Given the quality, Hot Krust’s prices are attractive and almost surprising. One of their signature sandwiches can cost between $6—for fare such as the Amanti Chicken or the Zeus Greek Veggie—to $10 for their largest sandwich, the “Burgernini.”

The salads include classics such as the garden salad and Caesar salad as well as innovations such as the pineapple bar-b-que salad, and run, on average, from $6 for a medium to $8 for a large. The sides—always roasted, never fried—are about $2.50 each, and a bowl of their chili cactus soup is $4.

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