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If you’re staying in one of our gorgeous Orlando rentals on the western part of the city, then you’re close to the town of Winter Garden. For those staying there, there’s one place in particular we want to point out to you: somewhat hidden just south of Lake Apopka lies Harry & Larry’s Bar-B-Que restaurant. Barbecue is a wonderfully American cuisine, and if you’re not from any of the southern states, you need to stop by a devotedly barbecue restaurant to really experience it.

A True Orlando Family Restaurant

In 2009, two sisters, Ashlee and Katie Grimes, opened up this restaurant. Together they worked to get customers the best of Southern cooking. Being the fifth generation of their family to live in the town, they had over a century of trial and improvement in southern cooking to bring to the table. Their heritage is their inspiration which is not only why they named the restaurant after their grandfathers, but also why the food boasts a homemade quality that’s hard to find in larger chains. If you’re not from the south and want to try Southern cooking, this is as representative of southern heritage as they come, and one of the best local restaurants in Orlando.


As mentioned, Harry & Larry’s boasts barbecue above all, including barbecue brisket, pork, turkey, and sausage. Reviewers are particularly enamored of the brisket, the ribs, and the pulled pork sandwiches. Though why stop there? Why not top a Caesar salad with barbecue meat, or stuff a baked potato with it? Harry & Larry’s finds a way to feature their selling point prominently in their specialties.

A sandwich costs about $7, with a single-serving side costing $2.50. Meats, bought straight, cost between $13 and $14 per pound. The restaurant also features platters that come with sides, which can range from $13 to $22. A family meal, which includes 1.5 pounds of meat, two large sides, and Texas Toast runs $35 and can feed four to six people.

Why Go?

Harry & Larry’s is a smaller local restaurant in Orlando, which offers a few advantages. First of all, the staff are closer to the results of the labor, with the cooks in the back able to see the faces of those at the tables. This feedback keeps the staff motivated and dedicated. Secondly, it’s more authentic—rather than part of a country-spanning chain, Harry & Larry’s stays close to its roots as the product of a thoroughly Floridian family. Finally, they serve barbecue—do you need a reason beyond that?

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