Chatham’s Place at Restaurant Row Orlando

It isn’t often you see a restaurant without a single bad review in the last three years. If you’re curious what such a restaurant must be like, you need to come and check out a hidden gem called Chatham’s Place. You’ll discover, much to your pleasure, just how far fantastic service and incredible food can go.

This top restaurant in Orlando features continental cuisine that is seasonally inspired. The head chef even uses herbs grown from his own small organic farm to season the dishes. The restaurant has been in operation for over 30 years, and continues to uphold its strong tradition of pleasing customers. In 2009, Zagat described its food as “divine,” with flavors that are “bold yet well-balanced.”

Why Here?

Chatham’s Place is the pinnacle of Orlando, FL restaurants fine dining—or so say the locals. It’s easy to see why so many people are enamored with the restaurant; it boasts an intimate and personal touch that keeps it popular, yet prevents it from ever becoming a chain. The chef’s use of home-grown ingredients and seasonal products means their dishes boast a freshness that’s quite literally almost impossible to beat. The environment, too, is a major selling point. Reviews as well as the company’s home page tout the welcoming environment as a reason so many customers return. Gentle music from the pianist also make guests feel like they’re at the peak of the culinary experience.


Chatham’s Place is located easily accessible off the I-4 off of Sand Lake Road. It’s just southwest of Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, making it a prime place to stop if you’re hoping for a more intimate and relaxing dinner than what can be found within the park. It’s just off of the area’s famed Restaurant Row in Orlando but keeps competitors on their toes with all it offers.


You don’t need to break the bank to come here—a bowl of their soup is only $13, and well worth the experience. The entrees include fine dining staples such as filet mignon and duck breast—dressed to perfection—as well as some more Southern tastes, such as Florida Black Grouper and a Cajun-Creole chicken. The entrees cost $30 to $50, while sides are $8 – $12.

Overall, Chatham’s Place is not cheap, but it is not meant to be. That’s because it’s more than food, it’s an experience—an out-of-this-world meal in a welcoming environment that makes a lasting memory. As one of the top restaurants in Orlando, it’s one of your best bets for the ultimate vacation indulgence.

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