Nightlife in Orlando

As the glorious Orlando sun sets for the night, the question passes through your mind…what do we do tonight?  Yes, you could stay at Mickey’s house until the closing bell chimes, but everyone knows that too much happy could be a bit boring! And besides, the downtown Orlando nightlife is known to be on par with South Beach Miami – hot, hopping, and out of control (in a good way, of course)! Read below for more on the hottest – and in one case, the iciest – nightspots Orlando has to offer.

First you have Ice

Sweltering, fiery, tropical; all terms that could be used to describe the temperatures of a summer night in central Florida. But, in one case, icy fits the bill.  ICEBAR, one of the chillest of the hot Orlando Nightclubs, is a bar made completely out of ice.  FIFTY TONS of ice to be exact, with every surface created out of nothing more than hard, cold, water.  It’s recommended not staying in the 27 degree temps longer than 45 minutes at a time and proper outer wear is provided to help avoid a frostbitten posterior.   Chosen as one of Extreme Barhopping’s Top Ten bars, ICEBAR, and its signature drink, Penguin Pizz, is the coolest!

And then you have Fire

After freezing in ICEBAR, Fire Lounge will have you feeling toasty again in no time…it shares the same address and is guaranteed to be THE Hottest bar in Orlando!  Party with DJ Sher Khan under the beautiful crystal chandelier in between 45 minute trips into ICEBAR – both these clubs will have you coming back for more!  Fire Lounge’s signature Flaming and Smoking Martinis and their VIP bottle service keeps the party going!

And for an Even Hotter Time

Salsa, or merengue, the night away, Thursday through Saturday, at the Latin Quarter! This world famous Orlando Nightlife hot spot has visitors from all over showing off their Latin dance moves.  The music is jumping, the mojitos are inspired and you may just find yourself dancing the sultry Orlando night away with the best of the best.

And topping the list from the bottom

The nightlife in Orlando is chic and scenic in One80 Grey Goose Lounge…sipping martinis on white leather couches while soaking in the views of beautiful Orlando from the top floor of the Amway Arena in a club that could out-sizzle the hottest of the hottest South Beach clubs!  Whether you hit the club after a Magic game or on their infamous Taboo Wednesdays (sexy go-go dancers and guest DJ’s make this night a hit!) your night One80 Grey Goose Lounge will be a glamorously unforgettable one!

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