Theaters in Orlando, Florida

Where are the best theaters in Orlando? Great question – allow Tropical Escape Vacation Homes to fill you in!  There are a variety of Orlando theaters, from classic shows to new creations throughout Orlando, proving plenty of shows and show times. Below you will find several theaters that have held their ground long enough to be considered a respected piece of Orlando culture.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Shakespeare is perhaps the most classic of all theater experiences; enter Orlando Shakespeare Theater. This is a live theater which puts on Shakespeare shows as well as new plays. Take comfort in their classic roots and check out a show. The Tempest is performing right now, with a full schedule of other shows on the horizon.  With 27 seasons under their belt, this theater company isn’t going anywhere.

Mad Cow Theatre

Mad Cow Theater is located on Church Street Market and one of the most respected theaters in Orlando. It shows contemporary plays and musicals, as well as the classics. This is professional theater showing the likes of The Secret Garden, an award winning musical, and the Tony Award Winning Avenue Q. Expect the best of actors gracing the stage, as you are transported away by amazing storytelling.

Theatre Downtown

In downtown Orlando is a performing arts theater, aptly named Theater Downtown. Not only do they conduct shows here, like the well-received One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but they hold auditions inviting community participation. This is a great place to see a show which may contain many Orlando locals. Other classics by the venue include Death of a Salesman and Christmas Carol.

Orlando Repertory Theater

With a goal of family centered theater productions, let us introduce you to the Orlando Repertory Theater. This options stands out due to their mission to challenge audiences and enrich the viewers.  For Repertory, it’s not just about the show, but the community, as they also provide classes to train youths, so you know you are supporting a good cause. Skippyjon Jones is the production of the moment, about a Chihuahua who can’t help but daydream sponsored by Disney.

Catch a Classic Experience

Orlando, Florida theaters aren’t disappearing, it’s clear the arts are big in Orlando. Check out any of the options listed above and rest assured it will be a quality experience. What’s good about having so many options is there are plenty of choices of show; you aren’t just limited to the one of the moment. Contact us today for more information about things to do in Orlando; or, click here to book today! We can’t wait to see you here in Sunny Orlando, Florida!

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