May is quite possibly one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Orlando, so if you’re planning your vacation at that time, plan on finding lots of fun and exciting things to do while you’re here! Starting with the Orlando Cabaret Festival and ending with Megacon, the ultimate in cult film, comic book and gaming conventions, you can be sure to find a little something special for each and every member of your traveling party! Our great staff at Tropical Escape has compiled a short list of some of the fun events in the Orlando area during the month of May. If you see something you like you might want to plan your vacation around them!

The 14th Annual Orlando Cabaret Festival, April 22 –May 8

Music lovers and fans of all that’s cabaret will want to make sure to experience this fun festival held at Mad Cow Theatre in downtown Orlando. Their fabulous Mother’s Day Cabaret Brunch is back and better than ever. Mom can enjoy a three-course meal and then head over to the special Mother’s Day performance of Side by Side: A Steve & Eydie Tribute.

Blues-N-Groove Weekend, May 20 & 21

For more musical fun and excitement with just a little bit of travel involved (Mount Dora is about 40 minutes away from Orlando proper) come enjoy the Blues-N-Groove Weekend, an outdoor music festival featuring top blues musicians at Elizabeth Evans Park. This year’s special guest is the unbelievably talented David Julia; he’s only 14 years old and is already becoming an acclaimed singer and songwriter!

Megacon, May 26-May 29

You’ve heard of ComicCon, perhaps even heard of PopCon, but have you heard about MegaCon in Orlando? This 4-day extravaganza features the best of nerddom favorite cult films, anime, comics, and video games and promises to be even better than previous years! This year’s featured guests are Stan Lee, William Shatner, and John Cusack; your teenager will never forgive you if you try to skip this mega event in Orlando!

Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout, May 27 & 28

You’re on vacation, and you have to eat, so if you’re planning your Orlando trip over the Memorial Day weekend, this barbecue blowout is the place to visit! Admission is free and there will be live music and a kid-que competition as well! This barbecue competition has been considered the Super Bowl of Barbecue; the meat will be smoking in Oviedo at the Oviedo Mall, just 18 miles outside of Orlando. Our mouths are already watering and we still have a few weeks to wait!

Orlando Carnival, Memorial Day Weekend

Finally, we can’t forget to mention the Orlando Carnival Downtown. For over 20 years this Mardi Gras-like celebration has signified the “official” start to summer with a parade, costumes, and Caribbean-style food and music. The Miss Orlando Carnival Cultural Pageant offers beautiful women a chance to shine and the Kiddies’ Carnival activities ensure no one is left out of the party!

Orlando Is A Popular Destination, But When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Orlando, Florida is one of the kings of vacation hotspots, and this fact bears the resulting effect of people flocking to the esteemed destination. People want the best, but it’s an interesting paradox that the crowds can take away from an area’s prestige. Luckily, there’s a solution to throngs of people. Going in the off season to Orlando is a great way to enjoy all the classic locations and pampering of Orlando vacationing, without the crowds that can cause you stress.

The Best Alternative Vacations Times Revealed

Most people choose to travel during the summer. This vacation period staple provides warm sun on the beach and kids are free of school, but beyond these, there aren’t many items that give summer proprietary rights to vacation. The trending item to vacation goers looking to avoid the packed locations that summer cultivates is alternative-time vacationing. In remedy of summer, two periods are offered, January through April and September through December. The deciding factors between these two largely include weather and when the events you may be interested in are scheduled. Scratch out May through August on your calendar, this is the time to avoid Orlando if you don’t like crowds. Let’s look at these opportunities a bit closer.

Added Benefits to Avoiding Summer

The great thing about alternative-timed vacation, besides the lighter density of people, is the ability to get rooms cheaper than normal. In an effort to stimulate vacation going, many companies will mark down their rooms; a win-win for those avoiding crowds. These discounted rates are found most significant earlier in the year, with the exception of Spring Break. The September to December period is also advantageous, but with all the holidays like Thanksgiving and December, it may be harder to find the discounted rates. Also keep in mind that certain activities like Disney World will have a special draw during the holidays, so if theme parks are on the agenda, the earlier period of the year may be preferred.

Whenever you choose to visit Orlando, remember it may not be a period of time for tanning on the beach. It gets a bit cooler when it’s not summer, so a light jacket may be necessary. The cold is likely the least of your worries; a small price to pay versus having to fight crowds and pay a higher cost. Simply hop online whenever you are thinking of getting away, and check the forecast in advance.

Knowledge is Power

You now are primed in alternative-vacation knowledge. Pick out a time that fits well with your schedule and reap the benefits of a more personal vacation, free of the rush of the masses.

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