Top Reasons Staying in an Orlando Vacation Rental is Better Than Staying in a Hotel

Being an avid Disney fan, you have probably already spent many of your vacations over the years in the Orlando area, experiencing the wonders of Walt Disney World and all the other theme parks and activities that our beautiful town is famous for.  You’ve probably spent many a night in a local hotel, paying top dollar for rooms that are nice, maybe even luxurious, but somehow lack that something special you would expect from a hotel that charges so much.  When you stay in a Tropical Escape vacation rental, you learn what that something special is.

Fighting for Parking Spaces Close to Your Room Will Be a Thing of the Past

You’ve done it a million times before – driven around and around the parking lot before giving up and parking what seems a hundred miles away from your room.  Then you lug baggage and children lot, up the stairs (sometimes if you’re lucky an elevator will be available!) and down a mile-long hallway until you finally find your room, fight the key card and at last, drag everything and everybody into the room for a nap, because the trek has exhausted you.

No Sterile Hotel Room for You

Your vacation room will have personality and pizazz because our owners put their heart into decorating the homes they care about.  Hotel rooms are all variations of the same textiles, furnishings and art.  They weren’t designed for your enjoyment; they were designed to look good while staying easily cleanable.  Not very exciting is it?

Dining Out Will Be an Option, Not a Necessity

When staying in a hotel, most likely your only meal options will be room service, dining in the hotel dining room, or eating at a local restaurant, and when a family of four eats three meals a day, well, you can do the math – it costs a lot!  When stay in a vacation home, you can shop for groceries (Tropical Escape can help you to find the best stores with the lowest prices!) and save a decent amount of money as you create nutritious meals in gourmet kitchens.  You will still probably eat out, but it will be by choice, not by necessity!

Room to Spread Out

Every person will have their own comfortable and luxurious bed.  No sofa beds with that uncomfortable bar that digs into your back, keeping you awake as you toss and turn trying to find a sleeping position that does not hurt.  Multiple bathrooms mean no traffic jams in the mornings as you prepare for your day of fun in gorgeous Orlando, and as many of our homes have private pools, you won’t have to share pool space with complete strangers!

Tropical Escape Helps You Avoid the Rat Race!

Privacy, luxury, and high end amenities can all be yours when you choose to stay in a Tropical Escape vacation rental.  Your nearest neighbor will be yards away instead of inches away from your headboard.  It’s time to start planning your next Orlando vacation with Mickey and friends and it is time to stop throwing away money on sterile hotel rooms.  Check out our website at and see what we can do for you.

Springtime For Orlando

Some people will say that winter is their favorite time of year, others might say fall or summer, but we have always felt that spring is the most magical time of year in Orlando.

The scent of newly blooming flowers float through the soft summer air, the sun is bright and cheerful, but not too hot, and the gentle spring rainfall cleans and refreshes the entire town, leaving it looking shiny and new.  The weather is perfect this time of year, making everyone want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and away from the cares and troubles of real life!  Fortunately for all of us, Orlando has plenty of activities and events to keep us all happy and entertained during this most magical time of year!  Here’s a sampling of some of Orlando’s best activities.

Tropical Escape Vacation Homes has the scoop

On all these and so many more spring oriented activities in our beautiful Central Florida city.  Spring has sprung and good times await; all you need to do is go to and book your Orlando vacation rental today for your sensational Orlando spring vacation tomorrow!

Need something to do in Orlando This President’s Day?

This year’s President’s’ Day holiday is happening over the weekend of February 13-15, and is a very popular time to visit the Orlando area. Here is a quick look at some of the great things you can do over the holiday.

The Big Three

Of course, you don’t want to miss the main Orlando area attractions — Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. These three theme parks offer a variety of attractions, events and activities that you can enjoy during your vacation. At these premier parks, you can see and enjoy any number of attractions including thrilling rides and shows.

Other Great Orlando Events and Activities

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure — Enjoy watching pirates in action! Watch as Sebastian the Black and his cohorts kidnap Princess Anita and the drama that follows. During the play, enjoy a meal fit for a pirate and then party the night away with the cast and crew.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater — Join the fun as you solve the murder, all while eating an exceptional dinner. You and your tablemates will become part of the mystery, as the murder may (or may not) be solved.

WonderWorks Orlando — This is another wonderful amusement park where you can enjoy activities and attractions such as Wonder Brite, Tesla Coil, Inversion Tuning, WonderCoasters, and Velocity Ball. This is not to be missed by those who enjoy discovering the wonders of science.

Orlando City Tour – Explore the city from a different viewpoint. On these tours you will enjoy sailing on the city’s beautiful lakes or walking its gorgeous parks. You can even visit the downtown shopping center, as well as visiting Disney’s Celebration Village and more.

Swim with the Manatees — This is a once-in-a-lifetime, not-to-be-missed experience. You’ll take a boat to the Crystal River, where your professional guide will provide information about these phenomenal creatures. Then you’ll don snorkel gear to take a swim with the manatees.

Kennedy Space Center Tours — Space enthusiasts will love this insider’s look at space. Catch a glimpse of the launch pads, sky observatories, and other space facilities. You can even experience a space shuttle launch!

Orlando Explorer Pass — With this pass, you can experience several of the many attractions Orlando offers, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a comedy club, golf, airboat rides, and many more.

Make this a weekend to remember! Reserve a wonderful vacation rental from Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, where you can enjoy luxury amenities, as well as great locations that will let you experience all that Orlando offers!

Beautiful, Fun and Fascinating Orlando, Florida

Welcome to Orlando, Florida…home to vineyards, water parks, the amazing Orlando Eye and so very much more!  If you’re looking for something to do on your Orlando vacation that DOESN’T include a large mouse, then you’re in the right place! After all, we think there is so much more to Orlando outside of Disney World, so read on for more information about the top activities in Orlando for the non-Disney lover!

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Are you a nature and wildlife lover?  Do you love to hike and swim or snorkel?  If so, you can’t visit Orlando without touring Wekiwa Springs State Park!  View some of Florida’s wildlife while paddling down the Weiwa River, but watch out for alligators and hope to be lucky enough to catch sight of a Florida black bear!  Hike your way along the 13-mile trail to a beautiful picnic spot near crystal clear waters great for snorkeling.  Whatever you choose to do in this beautiful state park, we promise your nature loving heart will beat a little faster at the beauties that await you just a short drive outside of Orlando proper.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

Ripley’s Odditorium is a 10,000 foot building that appears to be falling into a sinkhole!  It’s not…really…but the exhibits you will find inside are so unique and outrageous, you won’t care if you are sinking or not!  It takes about an hour to tour this bizarre place and you won’t want to forget a camera…Ripley’s encourages picture taking…and your friends back home will enjoy the photographic evidence of the time you spent exploring the freakish side of life!  (The shrunken heads are particularly grotesque and fascinating!)  Location: 8201 International Drive, Orlando.

The Orlando Eye

Vacationing can be a stressful time, filled with too much walking, too much eating, too much activity…just too much overall.  Why not take a 30 minute tour of peace and serenity, at the Orlando Eye?  Described as an observation wheel, not a Ferris wheel, you are able to view pretty much all of Orlando…and if the skies are especially clear…you may even catch a glimpse of Cape Canaveral as you fly above the city in peace and tranquility! Location: 8401 International Drive #100, Orlando.


Ok, you’re in Florida; home to the scary alligator…shouldn’t you stop in Gatorland and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about?  For over 60 years, this wildlife preserve and theme park has been teaching visitors from all over the world everything there is to know about crocodiles and alligators (including their rare collection of “white” alligators) Offering unique animal shows, an alligator breeding marsh, a petting zoo and their famous Screamin’ Gator Zip line (yes…you zip right over crocs and gators…make sure you are wearing closed toe shoes!)  Location: 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando.

Kennedy Space Center

And finally, another institution Florida is famous for is space travel and the Kennedy Space Center; while not located in Orlando; the Kennedy Space Center is close enough to make the drive worth it.  Have lunch with an astronaut, tour the entire center by bus and explore the Rocket Garden which exhibits all rockets from the first unmanned moon missions to the very latest examples of space flight…you will remember anew your childhood desire to visit other worlds when you explore this historic space center.

Want more info? Click here for more information on everything you need for your Orlando trip!

The excitement continues in anticipation for the new and improved Downtown Disney as it transforms into Orlando Disney Springs. Disney Springs will expand the Walt Disney Resort favorite with exclusive shopping, new and improved restaurants and entertainment. The revamp will include the new name Disney Springs with four districts, The Landing, The Marketplace, The West Side and Town Center.

The Landing is the waterfront district which is the nearest to completion. This district features several new shops that have recently opened their doors to the public including a vintage shop Chapel Hats, a casual shoe store Havaianas and Sanuk (these shoes are so comfortable!), The Art of Shaving, a barber and shave shop and a core vegan, the gluten-free menu has debuted at McKenna’s Bakery NYC a delicious bakery you can smell from blocks away, yum! Stay tuned later on this year for the debut of the STK Steakhouse with an exclusive rooftop dining area and delicious high-end meals.

Visit Orlando Disney Springs Today

Several different bridges were built to create more walkways where you can get a glimpse of the fabulous views and to get you to your most favorite places even faster. Disney Springs decor will be set back to the 1900’s with new signage and ambiance created around the theme. Disney Springs will still be free to park and will have plenty of space for you to do so! A second parking garage is in the works with 4,000 spaces and a connecting ramp to Interstate 4, a widened 10 lane Buena Vista Drive and two pedestrian bridges are also in the plans for a project due to be completed in late 2016.  This will make it easier to park at this exclusive waterfront dining, shopping and entertainment experience.

A few of our favorite restaurants will be getting a face-lift including Planet Hollywood and Paradiso 37. Planet Hollywood’s famous globe will be transformed into a planetarium with views of stars and a new outdoor terrace and bar will be created. This will include more seating and more views. Same goes for Paradiso 37, seating will almost double with more waterfront views. The Boathouse, a restaurant coming to the former Pleasure Island area, is set to open this summer and will feature a nautical theme with breathtaking water views. Guests have the option to enjoy a unique experience on a 40-foot Italian water taxi that’s going to hold up to 25 people serving champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries and toasts with the captain while cruising the waterway!

View a sneak peek of whats to come here!

Many more surprises to come for the new and improved Disney Springs, stay tuned!

Booking your vacation accommodations does not have to be stressful! The biggest obstacle families run into is deciding whether to stay in a hotel or an Orlando luxury vacation home. It may be a difficult decision to choose a vacation rental over a hotel IF you’ve never stayed in one before, but here are a few major factors on why vacation homes are a better choice for your next summer vacation to Orlando.

Orlando Luxury Vacation Homes are very spacious.

Vacation rentals are larger and much more open when compared to a hotel room. Vacation homes are capable of easily fitting an entire family–or sometimes even two! With the same number of vacationers, you would have to reserve multiple hotel rooms to comfortably accommodate everyone. Staying in a vacation rental allows the whole family to stay in one home together.

Rental properties are better for extended stays.

If you are going on a long-term vacation, then a vacation rental home is going to be most accommodating for you. Vacation rentals often come with a full-sized kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and a laundry room; this allows home cooked meals, warm showers, and clean laundry in the comfort of your own home.

There’s much more peace and privacy in your vacation rental.

Vacation rental homes also give visitors more privacy. Oftentimes, one of the biggest drawbacks to hotels are constant interruptions by room cleaning services, the family above you or beside you. Vacation rentals are self serve, but if you do need anything, a concierge service is just a phone call away.

Vacation rentals provide a comfortable and personalized experience.

Vacation rental homes, unlike hotels, are often set up like a home away from home. They allow guests to feel more comfortable, and less like every other Florida tourist. They offer the comforts of a home that hotels often lack, which makes them an ideal choice, especially if you are planning on a long-term vacation.

Hotel amenities can not compare to a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals have amazing amenities such as a private pool or personal home movie theater, which will be perfect for you and your family if you’re looking for quiet time. Most even have resort amenities, so you get the best of both worlds.

When planning your next vacation home say goodbye to the tiny hotel room and book you and your family in a Orlando luxury vacation home.