The mako shark is large, fast, and aggressive, making it one of the most feared predators under the water, even though they don’t really eat people or large animals. So when SeaWorld’s newest, tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster was being built, it was only natural that they decided to name it after one of the most feared creatures of the sea—the mako shark. Opening June 10th, 2016, if you’re a roller coaster fan, this is the ride that will change your life! If roller coasters intimidate you, well, maybe you should stick to the Ferris wheel and stay safe!

The Beginning

There’s a particular class of roller coaster—known as the hypercoaster—that is not designed for the meek, and Mako is the ultimate embodiment of a hypercoaster. With a maximum height of over 200 feet, maximum speeds of 73 MPH, and over 4760 feet of steel rails that twist, turn, reach the sky, and then dive back down, only the bravest of souls and the most enthusiastic of coaster fans will dare to try this amazing ride!

Construction started in May of 2015, but the planning has been going on for years. Famous for being home to Manta, Turtle Trek, and Antarctica, SeaWorld has learned what people love and Mako is predicted to be THE roller coaster of the millennium!

The Centerpiece of the Shark Realm

Mako is promising to be the centerpiece of a new educational and shark-themed area of SeaWorld. With two acres of shops, sharks, and even the Sharks Underwater Grill, learning about sharks has never been so fun. At night, a special light system will give this exciting coaster the appearance of fish fleeing for their lives from the mighty Mako shark, and the immersive environment created with music and sound effects will complete the sea life experience. Learn everything you can about our cold blooded friends under the sea AND get the chance to ride on one of the world’s most exciting rollercoasters!

Tropical Escape Vacation Rentals Isn’t Afraid

To offer you the opportunity to stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals located not far from the park. However, we may be a tad scared to experience Mako! It takes a special kind of person to handle the twists, turns, and dives of this amazing creation. Are you one of those people? Why not take a chance and book your vacation home through Tropical Escape today? We’re not saying you have to ride Mako, but we are saying the bragging rights will be awesome!