The beauty of Orlando and its partner in fun, Disney, is reflected in one of our more popular Tropical Escape Vacation Homes larger escapes. The Retreat at Champions Gate offers 6 serene bedrooms, 6 spa-like baths, and all the magic your favorite theme park can spare, and when your journey brings you to this special home, you and 13 guests can share in that wonder! 9028SH Champions Gate is one of our favorite resort communities and the Retreat provides access to all its amenities, something we will explore more later. For now, however, this guide to the Retreat at Champions Gate will show you just how much you need this beautiful rental in Orlando to be yours during your magical getaway!

Modern Style and Magical Whimsy Combine

A Disney vacation is generally geared toward younger travelers, but that doesn’t mean the place you choose to sleep in each night can’t be a sophisticated escape. Step into the bright open concept floor plan of the Retreat and fall in love with the sleek modern style that surrounds you. Marble tile floors create paths of elegance that lead the way to the comfort of a living room that blends modern style with all the plush comforts that will make you feel welcomed. An oversized sectional upholstered in a soft and cool gray material anchors the space, conveniently located opposite a television so large and offering a picture so clear you will think you are a part of the action on the screen. Gray walls and high ceilings ensure that the rooms stay bright and airy and a coffered effect on one wall adds an extra touch of style. The dining room table, a large dark wood one placed under modern pendant lights, is surrounded by velvety topped chairs and promises to be one of the most popular spots in the house as games are played, meals are devoured, and television shows are easily monitored. The kitchen anchors the open floor plan, offering modern conveniences that include stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, and white marble countertops that contrast beautifully with the dark wood of the cabinets. The peninsula provides overflow seating for 3 barstools that are super comfortable and stylish and a coffee maker and toaster line the counters, ensuring guests are fully caffeinated.

Staying Entertained is Easy in The Retreat at Champions Gate

The garage of this special property is not meant to be used for cars, but we don’t think you will mind, especially when you discover this normally utilitarian space has been transformed into a Star Wars-themed game room! Darth Vader and his army of Storm Troopers keep an eye on the situation from his vantage spot along one wall and a full-sized pool table, air hockey table, and foosball table center the space. In one corner an arcade game waits to be used and along the largest wall of the space, two gaming chairs face a large smart television providing the ideal spot to hook up your favorite game console and get lost in video games whenever you aren’t exploring Orlando. LED lights frame the charcoal-painted ceiling and in addition to the Darth Vader mural, there are other Star Wars-themed murals that adorn the walls. Not all the fun will take place indoors, however, as the substantial screened-in lanai offers a private pool that your kids will never want to leave. Additional seating, a dining space, and a barbecue grill will be much appreciated when you just don’t have the heart to tell the kids to get out of the pool and just want to hang out outside as long as possible!

6 Tranquil Bedrooms

The sleeping quarters of the Retreat are destined to be your favorite spaces, allowing guests to retreat from the noise of the world. The master suite, featuring a king bed and ensuite bath is a large and bright space located on the main floor, offering a smart television in the bedroom and a walk-in shower in the bath. The remaining bedrooms are upstairs, and although the upstairs king ensuite and queen guest room are popular rooms, we have a feeling the “kids quarters” will be a hit with the entire family! Starting with the princess room, where gold crowns hold up the netting for a princess canopy over the two twin beds, the pastel accents will make every little girl feel like a princess. The Mickey-themed room offers a metal cutout of the big guy himself, spotted wallpaper, and a twin over full bunk set where whispered secrets and muffled giggles will be heard throughout the night. This level also offers a secondary sitting area with bean bag chairs, multiple couches, and another large smart television. Offering a Marvel Heroes theme, this space will be the perfect hangout for the older teens in your traveling group who may also appreciate the final bedroom, a Harry Potter-themed space filled with a double and a twin bed placed against brick wallpapered walls on which pennants for the different houses of Hogwarts hang!

All the Comforts of Home

The Retreat at Champions Gate welcomes travelers from all over the world with a sophisticated style and the easy comforts of home. Reserve this beautiful escape today! Contact us today!

Welcome to Under the Sea Manor, where the moment you step inside the name becomes an artful reality. The vacation rental in Orlando is an ode to the animals that reign in the ocean. The walls are painted with marine life, made to submerge you into the life experience of the ocean during your stay in Kissimmee, Florida. This home values aesthetic and fun, offering no shortage of paintings to wonder at and activities to do within the house. Under the Sea Manor is a vacation in itself.

Under the Sea Manor is catered towards bigger families looking to enjoy a vacation together while not feeling too cramped inside, able to accommodate thirty-five guests as there are nine bedrooms and five bathrooms. Each bedroom, with the exception of the master, has multiple beds that fit multiple guests inside. The rooms are spacious and bright, colored with lively hues of blue and various shades of the ocean with artwork detailing the seafloor. It really is like your under the sea as the inside of Under the Sea Manor was made to look like the inside of a submarine.

Fun Times in Under the Sea Manor

The hope of every vacation is fun and relaxation, which is exactly what Tropical Escape Vacation Homes aims for. Under the Sea Manor’s game room is the definition of a good time. Painted with a charging great white shark, the room starts off adventurously. Various sharks swim around the walls and ceiling of this submarine-like game room. A flatscreen stretches across one wall, ready to be plugged into a gaming system or just for viewing regular channels. Partner up for a game of foosball or maybe skeeball. Go head-to-head as basketball players at the free-throw game with nets and basketballs. To really spark the game night mood, light up the neon strobe lights that dance around the room, igniting the atmosphere with undeniable and tangible exciting times. In a separate room within Under the Sea Manor is a pool table, accompanied by a wall of pool sticks ready to break the triangle of the striped and solid balls.

Backyard Hangs

The screened-in backyard is a wide-open space that can cater to the party size of guests Under the Sea Manor is ready to host. A lounge area overlooks the pool, complete with various floaties. The high ceilings and ample room to stretch out and relax outside add to the excitement this home is teeming with. An impressive spread of grilling appliances waits to be used by the grill master of the group, where they will be sure to find the outside kitchenette of sorts to their liking. The fun part of Under the Sea Manor is that you’ll keep asking yourself where you’d rather spend your time–the eclectic inside with countless opportunities for new fun or the backyard for the very same reason.

Inside the Manor

Under the Sea Manor grants those homey comforts while you are away from yours. Supplied with a fully functioning kitchen, you can spend time here while you entertain friends and family over homecooked meals, even while you’re away from your own home. The fully operational kitchen is equipped to serve a large number of guests Under the Sea Manor can host. With three refrigerators, there’s no cramped space where all guests are vying for a coveted spot in the fridge. With three refrigerators, there is ample space to accommodate all guests. The living room is an open floor plan, which has the dining room and its long dining table flowing nicely into the lounging area that the kitchen overlooks. Having this open design rather than blocked-off spaces gives Under the Sea Manor a fluid and homey feel that makes it all the easier for guests to relax and kick start their vacation.

The master bedroom is lush with calming paintings on the wall that looks like rippling water. Furnished with a king-sized bed, a mounted flat-screen, and a low-sitting shelf, the master bedroom is just as adventurous as the rest of Under the Sea Manor with its submarine-like backdrop. Attached is one of the five bathrooms. There is a double sink, a generously sized shower enclosed with glass doors, and a tub.

The second bedroom is fitted with two queen beds, and of course, is painted in the same fashion as the rest of Under the Sea Manor with soft ocean blues that are reminiscent of a current. This bedroom has a mounted television, a desk, and an attached bathroom with double sinks and a nicely sized shower that provides the right amount of space to accommodate several people staying in this one bedroom.

The third bedroom, much like the second, has double queen beds. Friendly, cartoon-like sharks are friendly faces on the walls of this room. The layout of this room is similar to the second for its furnishings and mounted television with a low-sitting shelf. A bathroom is also attached to this bedroom. It has s single sink and a shower built into a tub, so the master bedroom isn’t the only bathroom that got dibs on a bathtub. Now, more people have the option to utilize this amenity.

The next bedroom has bunk beds and looks catered to the younger guests of a party as there are little sitting chairs meant for children. Even they get a lounge area meant just for them here in Under the Sea Manor. Everyone and their comfort were considered. The next room that also has bunk beds could be given to guests of any age as there aren’t child-specific amenities.

The fifth bedroom shares the same layout as the rooms with two queen beds. A bathroom also attaches to this bedroom, with double sinks and a shower. The last bedroom is furnished with two queen beds, much like the others, but this one does not have an attached bathroom.

The Sea Awaits

Under the Sea Manor is a rental home that promises all sorts of fun and entertainment. With a shortage of room, the breathable space makes it feel like all the guests this house can fit aren’t cramped in together. Rather, this home feels much like it must feel for the sea life painted on the walls–a cohesive ecosystem with room and comfort for all. Book with Tropical Escape Vacation Homes now and secure the enigmatic Under the Sea Manor for you and your party!

Top Reasons Staying in an Orlando Vacation Rental is Better Than Staying in a Hotel

Being an avid Disney fan, you have probably already spent many of your vacations over the years in the Orlando area, experiencing the wonders of Walt Disney World and all the other theme parks and activities that our beautiful town is famous for.  You’ve probably spent many a night in a local hotel, paying top dollar for rooms that are nice, maybe even luxurious, but somehow lack that something special you would expect from a hotel that charges so much.  When you stay in a Tropical Escape vacation rental, you learn what that something special is.

Fighting for Parking Spaces Close to Your Room Will Be a Thing of the Past

You’ve done it a million times before – driven around and around the parking lot before giving up and parking what seems a hundred miles away from your room.  Then you lug baggage and children lot, up the stairs (sometimes if you’re lucky an elevator will be available!) and down a mile-long hallway until you finally find your room, fight the key card and at last, drag everything and everybody into the room for a nap, because the trek has exhausted you.

No Sterile Hotel Room for You

Your vacation room will have personality and pizazz because our owners put their heart into decorating the homes they care about.  Hotel rooms are all variations of the same textiles, furnishings and art.  They weren’t designed for your enjoyment; they were designed to look good while staying easily cleanable.  Not very exciting is it?

Dining Out Will Be an Option, Not a Necessity

When staying in a hotel, most likely your only meal options will be room service, dining in the hotel dining room, or eating at a local restaurant, and when a family of four eats three meals a day, well, you can do the math – it costs a lot!  When stay in a vacation home, you can shop for groceries (Tropical Escape can help you to find the best stores with the lowest prices!) and save a decent amount of money as you create nutritious meals in gourmet kitchens.  You will still probably eat out, but it will be by choice, not by necessity!

Room to Spread Out

Every person will have their own comfortable and luxurious bed.  No sofa beds with that uncomfortable bar that digs into your back, keeping you awake as you toss and turn trying to find a sleeping position that does not hurt.  Multiple bathrooms mean no traffic jams in the mornings as you prepare for your day of fun in gorgeous Orlando, and as many of our homes have private pools, you won’t have to share pool space with complete strangers!

Tropical Escape Helps You Avoid the Rat Race!

Privacy, luxury, and high end amenities can all be yours when you choose to stay in a Tropical Escape vacation rental.  Your nearest neighbor will be yards away instead of inches away from your headboard.  It’s time to start planning your next Orlando vacation with Mickey and friends and it is time to stop throwing away money on sterile hotel rooms.  Check out our website at and see what we can do for you.

Orlando Is A Popular Destination, But When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Orlando, Florida is one of the kings of vacation hotspots, and this fact bears the resulting effect of people flocking to the esteemed destination. People want the best, but it’s an interesting paradox that the crowds can take away from an area’s prestige. Luckily, there’s a solution to throngs of people. Going in the off season to Orlando is a great way to enjoy all the classic locations and pampering of Orlando vacationing, without the crowds that can cause you stress.

The Best Alternative Vacations Times Revealed

Most people choose to travel during the summer. This vacation period staple provides warm sun on the beach and kids are free of school, but beyond these, there aren’t many items that give summer proprietary rights to vacation. The trending item to vacation goers looking to avoid the packed locations that summer cultivates is alternative-time vacationing. In remedy of summer, two periods are offered, January through April and September through December. The deciding factors between these two largely include weather and when the events you may be interested in are scheduled. Scratch out May through August on your calendar, this is the time to avoid Orlando if you don’t like crowds. Let’s look at these opportunities a bit closer.

Added Benefits to Avoiding Summer

The great thing about alternative-timed vacation, besides the lighter density of people, is the ability to get rooms cheaper than normal. In an effort to stimulate vacation going, many companies will mark down their rooms; a win-win for those avoiding crowds. These discounted rates are found most significant earlier in the year, with the exception of Spring Break. The September to December period is also advantageous, but with all the holidays like Thanksgiving and December, it may be harder to find the discounted rates. Also keep in mind that certain activities like Disney World will have a special draw during the holidays, so if theme parks are on the agenda, the earlier period of the year may be preferred.

Whenever you choose to visit Orlando, remember it may not be a period of time for tanning on the beach. It gets a bit cooler when it’s not summer, so a light jacket may be necessary. The cold is likely the least of your worries; a small price to pay versus having to fight crowds and pay a higher cost. Simply hop online whenever you are thinking of getting away, and check the forecast in advance.

Knowledge is Power

You now are primed in alternative-vacation knowledge. Pick out a time that fits well with your schedule and reap the benefits of a more personal vacation, free of the rush of the masses.

Click here for more information on everything you need for your Orlando trip!

Booking your vacation accommodations does not have to be stressful! The biggest obstacle families run into is deciding whether to stay in a hotel or an Orlando luxury vacation home. It may be a difficult decision to choose a vacation rental over a hotel IF you’ve never stayed in one before, but here are a few major factors on why vacation homes are a better choice for your next summer vacation to Orlando.

Orlando Luxury Vacation Homes are very spacious.

Vacation rentals are larger and much more open when compared to a hotel room. Vacation homes are capable of easily fitting an entire family–or sometimes even two! With the same number of vacationers, you would have to reserve multiple hotel rooms to comfortably accommodate everyone. Staying in a vacation rental allows the whole family to stay in one home together.

Rental properties are better for extended stays.

If you are going on a long-term vacation, then a vacation rental home is going to be most accommodating for you. Vacation rentals often come with a full-sized kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and a laundry room; this allows home cooked meals, warm showers, and clean laundry in the comfort of your own home.

There’s much more peace and privacy in your vacation rental.

Vacation rental homes also give visitors more privacy. Oftentimes, one of the biggest drawbacks to hotels are constant interruptions by room cleaning services, the family above you or beside you. Vacation rentals are self serve, but if you do need anything, a concierge service is just a phone call away.

Vacation rentals provide a comfortable and personalized experience.

Vacation rental homes, unlike hotels, are often set up like a home away from home. They allow guests to feel more comfortable, and less like every other Florida tourist. They offer the comforts of a home that hotels often lack, which makes them an ideal choice, especially if you are planning on a long-term vacation.

Hotel amenities can not compare to a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals have amazing amenities such as a private pool or personal home movie theater, which will be perfect for you and your family if you’re looking for quiet time. Most even have resort amenities, so you get the best of both worlds.

When planning your next vacation home say goodbye to the tiny hotel room and book you and your family in a Orlando luxury vacation home.