The last bell for the school year has rung, your vacation is coming up in a few weeks, and your family members are wondering: what spectacular trip do you have planned for summer break?  The pressure is on and it’s going to be really difficult to top last year’s trip to Paris with all the history, art, and culture. This year, you have been thinking you want to stay stateside and visit somewhere sunny and warm. It’s been months since you’ve seen the sun – we know, we’ve been there – and if you don’t mind, we’d like to make a suggestion. Have you considered Orlando?

Our summers are warm enough to take the chill out of bones that have spent the last six months in subzero temperatures, beautiful white sand beaches are just a car ride away, and everybody’s mouse friend Mickey calls Orlando home; everyone needs to go to Disney World at least once in their lifetime! But we understand man cannot live on Disney alone, so we have compiled a list of events, activities, and other exciting adventures that will convince you summer in Orlando is the only way to go!

Festivals and Other Fun Events

Theme Parks

With over 10 theme parks in the area, adventure is always on the agenda, especially when zip lining over live alligators and other reptiles while visiting Gatorland. Other equally fun and adventurous theme parks include, but aren’t limited to:

A family could spend a week in Orlando, going to a new theme park every day, and still not be able to see them all! How great is that?

Put the Fun Back in Your Vacation in Summer in Orlando!

Obviously, the above-listed activities are just a small portion of the fun that’s available to you when you spend your summer vacation in beautiful Orlando. We’d have to write a novel to get it all in! Fortunately for you, Tropical Escape Vacation Homes is a full-service property management company; just book your vacation rental through us and we can provide you with even more information on all the exciting events and activities that make summer in Orlando the most magical place on earth!