It has been a significant decade for the development of soccer in Orlando, Florida. Not only has the Orlando City Soccer Club garnered much more support over this time, but they also managed to begin construction of a new stadium that is set to finish in 2017. Now there will be another addition to the energy surrounding the team, with a new soccer-themed bar and restaurant. It is only about half a mile from the stadium, so there is sure to be a lot of traffic and excitement filling the bar upon opening.

Lion’s Pride

This new bar and restaurant will be called Lion’s Pride and it will take up residence among the energy of Church Street. At 123 W Church Street, Lion’s Pride is filling a historic Orlando building. This 6,129 square foot building offers a lot of charm and an unbeatable location. Hopefully this new establishment can finally bring stability to a building that has been home to many different businesses in the last decade and since its construction in 1920. Most recently, it was known as “The Teele Building,” during which time it served as the home for Bliss Ultra Lounge and Downtown Bar Phineas Phogg’s.

Stay Tuned for More Information

For now, there is not much information surrounding this new development. It is clear from public documents that the bar is coming soon, but there is little detail beyond that. Documents for the new establishment were filed by Gustavo Fonseca, but there has been no contact with Mr. Fonseca regarding any further details of Lion’s Pride.

The owner of this property and member of Tremont Realty Capital, Richard Gallitto, has also been contacted for comment, but there has been no response on that front either. However, you can expect strong development and refurbishment of the property as Tremont Realty Capital established that precedent with their amazing $2 million renovation of Orchid Garden building right down the street. You can expect a modern and elegant design that also fits in with the character of the other buildings on the street as Fonseca has already petitioned to take down the building’s aluminum awning so as to install a canopy that is similar to the other buildings on the street.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the particulars of this new bar and restaurant, but you can be sure that Orlando City Soccer Club fans will have an awesome place to cheer on their favorite team.