Pssst! Just thought we would remind you that while it seems as if summer has just started, 4th of July is right around the corner and if you haven’t started making plans, now is the perfect time to do so! Summer vacations to Disney are popular ones and we at Tropical Resort Vacation Homes have the perfect holiday havens, designed to enhance your vacation experiences as they add comfort to your stay! Kissimmee 4th of July is a big deal, whether you choose to celebrate with Mickey, explore the events that make our Florida hometown special, or spend the day “at home” living it up while utilizing all the amenities we offer, this guide to a 4th of July filled with fun and fancy will ensure that this holiday may soon become your favorite! Yes, we just implied that you will love the 4th of July more than Christmas and we aren’t taking it back!

Breakfast of Champions

Honestly, there is so much going on this fantastic holiday in the Kissimmee area you are going to need a solid breakfast to help keep up your energy, so even though it isn’t particularly patriotic, we are suggesting you head over to Keke’s Breakfast Café, 1924 John Young Parkway, for a pancake breakfast! Add some celebratory spirit with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, (red, white, and blue!) and if you need some protein, any of their all-American breakfasts will give you all that you need!

Theme Park Celebrations

You don’t have to skip the theme parks to enjoy a day filled with all-American fun, most, if not all, will offer something special to honor America’s birthday! SeaWorld, spreads the fun out over 4 days starting July 1st and ending with a boom on July 4th, while offering patriotic music, a DJ Dance Party at Club Sea Glow, and, of course, culminating in a pyrotechnics display that will spoil you for all other fireworks displays! The streets of Main Street USA may be where you want to be for this all-American Holiday and of course, you know that Disney World will be offering a parade and a fireworks show that awes and amazes! And for those who aren’t in the know, Universal Orlando has been Independence Day central for many years, offering live music, Universal Characters dressed for the holiday, and the finale, a fireworks display that begins at dusk and promises to not be long enough, no matter how long the explosions continue, because can you really ever get enough fireworks? We say no!

Kissimmee Monumental 4th of July, 201 Lakeview Drive

Taking a break from the theme parks won’t mean you will miss out on anything, it just gives you the opportunity to explore an all-American holiday in the heart of downtown Kissimmee with the Kissimmee Monumental 4th of July Party! Starting at 2 PM and offering exciting kid’s activities in their Kid’s Zone, live music that will have you dancing in the streets and singing along to your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, and of course, food vendors selling your favorite American food and drinks! The fireworks finale is a family affair and as you gather with your spouse, your kids, or even the friends you decided to vacation with this year, you will never feel as American as you do sitting on blankets or chairs with your faces turned to the sky! Watching the explosions light up the heavens, oohing and ahhing over the colors that you can never photograph the way you like, and just living entirely in the moment promises that July 4th will certainly become your new favorite holiday!

Fireworks at the Fountain, Lake Eola Park, 512 E Washington Street, Orlando

Choices are important in life and Orlando and Kissimmee are close enough that you won’t notice the drive from your Tropical Escape Vacation Homes holiday hideaway to Orlando and this spectacular Kissimmee 4th of July festivity! Beginning at 4 PM and not ending until after the last sparkler in the sky has trailed away sometime after 10, this fantastic show also offers live entertainment, tasty food, and refreshing beverages, and that amazing fireworks show reflected in the calm waters of Lake Eola!

At Home with Tropical Escape Vacation Homes

The best moments of any holiday are those spent with family and because you are spending them in the comfort of our holiday havens on this special day, you are sure to experience an Independence Day that shines brighter than all others! Throw a family pool party, barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers, and raise a toast to the fireworks you can witness from your screened-in lanai on this happy day! Every minute spent at home with Tropical Escape Vacation Homes will be your favorite minutes; reserve one of our beautiful homes today! Contact us today!