Kissimmee is a beautiful coastal town in Florida known for its nature, the proximity of local shopping centers, and the ideal location in the middle of Osceola County, Florida. This large city contains nearly 80,000 people, filled with friendly clausal people who want to make friends with you, show you around the beautiful town, and tell you the best things to do here all year round!

Although Florida is usually a sunny and warm place, even in the wintertime, there are a few times per year when it can get cold or rainy. So what do you do in Florida when it is raining, hailing, or snowing? We can think of one fun thing!

Everyone loves going to the movie theater when it is cold and rainy outside. But where should you go during your holiday in Kissimmee? There are a few great movie theaters that show old-school classics and new flicks that will keep you entertained during your vacation in the Sunshine State. Here is a list of the Best Places to Go to the Movies During Your Trip to Kissimmee.

Best movie theaters in Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee, Florida, is home to various movie theaters. Although you may think this city would only have one option, this cool coastal area has multiple movie theaters that show recent and old movies that are fun to see on a rainy day in Florida.

Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill on Sunset Walk is a classic American movie theater located on Margaritaville Boulevard in Kissimmee. This cool and own-home movie theater offers new flicks, first-run films, classic feature-length movies, and kids’ films, making it the perfect afternoon excursion for families with young kids or teenagers!

Today, you can head to this movie theater to see Bullet Train, DC League of Super Pets, Top Gun: Maverick, Thor: Love and Thunder, Easter Sunday, Nope, Minions: The Rise of the Guru, Fall, Mack, and Rita, Elvis, The Black Phone, Jurassic World Dominion, or Inu-Oh. As you can see, there is a wide range of films that work well for those who want to see the feature-length classics that just came out in theaters and others who want to see more independent films during their vacation.

Plus, this movie theater is located right next to Margaritaville Resort! This cool and fun-filled area is the perfect place to do some activities or get a bite to eat before/after the movie. There are quick take-out spots, like Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell for fast food classics, or you can head to Texas Roadhouse to try some of the buttery rolls, The Wharf at Sunset Walk for fresh seafood, or Rock and Brews for some of the best craft brew options in the entire city.

Regal The Loop Stadium 16 & RPX

Regal The Loop is a cinema in Florida located on John Young Parkway in The Loop Kissimmee. This theater is a huge and large-scale operation that contains multiple screens, various theaters, and new release films that make it easy to see a movie that was just released! Plus, you can get snacks, popcorn, drinks, and tasty meals at the concession stand before sitting down in your seat.

Today, you can see Bullet Train and Top Gun: Maverick in RPX seating. This means that you can see this feature-length film in the RPX Regal Premium Experience to really enjoy your afternoon in the theater! You can also choose between closed caption films and 2D films to suit your unique needs.

Also, this cinema is located right near huge shopping centers, shops, restaurants, bars, and stores that are cool to visit before and after the movie. You can head to Academy Sports and Outdoors to get some outdoor gear for your upcoming watersports adventure or hiking trip. Or you can head to Books A Million to get a book to read during your next beach day in Florida.

We also recommend getting a filling lunch or dinner at Noodles and Company or Sajoma Latin Fusion, both located within walking distance of the movie theater!

Accommodation in Kissimmee, Florida

Finding spacious, modern, and comfortable accommodation that is suitable for your entire party can be difficult. If you leave it to the last minute, you may have to use search engines for hours on end, only to find a crowded hotel room math is uncomfortable and cold. What now?

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We offer expensive rentals at the premier golf course in the area, Storey Lake, the ideal spot for fishing, Windsor at Westside, the best place for those who have kids who want to use the waterpark, and Solterra, which is great for people who love lounging by the pool, and Solara, the idyllic lakefront rental properties that are great for parties of varying interests.