Romantic Vacations in Orlando, Florida—Why Orlando Should Be Your Romantic Destination!

There’s nothing like travel to reignite the spark in your relationship. If you’re looking to kick your romance up a notch, you need to find a place with beautiful weather, enchanting attractions, and plenty of couples-friendly activities. That being said, a romantic vacation in Orlando is what you’re looking for!

Both day and night, there are plenty of fabulous ways to spend time with your special someone here in Orlando. Plus, when the outing is over, you’ll have a wonderful Orlando vacation home to return to!

Splendid Sightseeing

A promenade is a fantastic way to destress and soak up the beauty of Orlando. Taking in the natural beauty of Florida will really help you and your partner feel removed from all the pressures of home! And, if you’re here for Valentine’s Day, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful a climate can be in February!

In particular, we recommend letting our relaxing waters calmly carry you away from your troubles and into each other’s arms. All sorts of boating tours are available here in Orlando, including Scenic Boat Tour’s cruise along the waterways of Winter Park. Or, you can take control of your aquatic stroll and rent your own boat! Canoe rentals are available at the charming state park Wekiwa Springs, just north of the city. And if you really want to embrace the image of a romantic couple, then head to Lake Eola for swan boat rentals! (Perhaps the best part? None of these options will run you over $30!)

The Finer Things in Life

If nature isn’t your aphrodisiac, might we suggest wine instead? Winter Park’s Wine Room gives couples the chance to sample over 150 different types of wine, plus some delicious cheese plates to go with them!

Orlando loves art walks, and depending when in the month you’re coming you’re likely to find at least one available during your trip! The array of works on display are great for sparking conversations, and you might find a neat souvenir from one of the vendors.

Disney World

And of course, what discussion of Orlando would be complete without mentioning Disney World? From charming settings such as the Disney Boardwalk to fabulous live shows, and trip to Disney World is a fabulous trip for couples who are young at heart. Spend a day or two at the world’s most famous theme park and feel your youth rekindled, along with your young love!

A Romantic Vacation Awaits!

There’s certain to be something that sparks the interest for both you and your partner here in Orlando. For more ideas, call us at 1-866-409-8598. Our local agents will not only have recommendations of their own, but also be able to help you find the perfect dream home for you and your beloved!


It’s the perfect time to start planning a getaway to Orlando, FL, and our expert team can help you book your perfect Orlando vacation home. Contact us, and we’ll start assisting you in finding your dream home today!

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