Orlando is a really fantastic city. There’s no bigger name in theme parks, and there’s plenty to do besides with all of our shopping, restaurants, and other tourist attractions! But there’s another great part about Orlando: our neighbors! If you’re visiting Orlando and taking a nice relaxing week in one of our fabulous rentals, then try visiting some of these towns near Orlando. These daytrips from Orlando can add excitement and enrichment to your vacation that so many Orlando tourists too often miss!

Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral— the name sounds like “Carnival,” and the city’s just as fun as one! Just take Highway 528 straight east for about 50-65 minutes, and you’re there! We recommend this area if you’re a big fan of the ocean—if you head to the eastern edge of the city, you’ll see there’s no land in sight for hundreds of miles: perfect for that spectacular sunrise!

While you’re here, there’s plenty to fill up a day! The Brevard Zoo is home to plenty of animals and features its own “Australia Loop.” The planetarium is a great place to go not only to learn about space, but also to enjoy a thrilling lightshow! Perhaps the most fantastic attraction is the Kennedy Space Center. NASA itself hosts this complex of tours, attractions, and memorabilia surrounding America’s proud tradition of space exploration. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, head to https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/ and look at the countdown—you may even be able to schedule your visit to coincide with a rocket launch, visible from the center!


Maybe you’re more a fan of nature than outer space? While Orlando’s zoo boasts a huge variety of animals, it isn’t quite the same as seeing them in their natural habitat—good thing Orlando’s neighbors have you covered! Apopka stands just 12 miles northwest of Orlando, and beyond it lies Lake Apopka North Shore, home of the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. The drive is a great place to view all sorts of birds. Plus, the area boasts several trailheads, making it a great pilgrimage for hikers!


Head straight south to reach the town of Kissimmee. Generally best known for being near Orlando, there’s a few fun things in Kissimmee worth checking out! Capitalizing on the long history of human settlement in the area, Kissimmee Ghost Tours are a great way to get a good scare over the weekend—they’re open on weekends, making them great alternatives to Orlando theme parks’ busiest days. While there, check out the Museum of Military History and learn how the life of a soldier has changed as war has transformed. Freedom isn’t free, but tickets to learn about the struggle for it are $7 or less, making it a nice low-budget addition to a day trip. The last attraction might be unexpected: a rodeo! The Kissimmee Sports Arena Rodeo hosts what they call “The Greatest Show on Dirt.” Check it out if you’re in the mood for a real spectacle!

Reach all these from an Orlando Home!

These attractions are all just a short drive from Orlando, Florida—why not get a great deal on a week-long rental and see them all? Call 1-866-409-8598 and start setting up your ideal Florida vacation rental!

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