Five Ways to Keep Cool During Your Summer Vacation in Orlando

07/29/2016 Destination Orlando

It’s summer time, and for one special week you have no deadlines, no responsibilities, no boss […]

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A Vibrant City with an Eclectic Music Scene

07/19/2016 Destination Orlando

Orlando is known for many diverse attractions, including its growing pool of local up-and-coming musicians. Whatever […]

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Top Firework Shows in Orlando

07/3/2016 Destination Orlando

If you happen to be lucky enough to be in the Orlando, FL area for the […]

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Are You Ready for Mako?

06/17/2016 Destination Orlando

The mako shark is large, fast, and aggressive, making it one of the most feared predators […]

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Study Says Orlando is Best City for Soccer Fans

06/13/2016 Destination Orlando

Orlando has become quite the soccer mecca in the United States according to WalletHub.com, a personal […]

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Orlando City Soccer-Themed Pub Planned Downtown

06/6/2016 Destination Orlando

It has been a significant decade for the development of soccer in Orlando, Florida. Not only […]

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Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando

05/25/2016 Destination Orlando

Memorial Day Weekend has become one of the most popular weekends to take a vacation. As […]

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Things to Do During an Orlando Summer | Summer in Orlando

05/13/2016 Destination Orlando

Things to Do During an Orlando Summer The last bell for the school year has rung, […]

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