Disney World and Universal Studios are two of the biggest tourist attractions in Florida, and contend for being some of the most popular in the nation. At these wondrous locations, the magic of movies and stories comes to life for a fun-filled day of excitement. That said, experiencing these delights is never advertised as being easy on the wallet. While booking with us already gets you massive bang for your buck in terms of lodging, there are a few other tips for easing the burden on your bank account. Read below on how to save money on your Orlando vacation.

Book Flights Early

This advice applies to any vacation, really; the earlier you book your flight, the better a deal you can get. Look up ahead of time which months and days of the week are best suited for your trip (you can see some recommendations in our article about Maximizing Your Disney Vacation), then plan your trip around them. Plus, not only does this save you money, but it also gives you more time to relish looking forward to your trip!

Check Menus Online

Theme park food is a huge sink for dollars. If you just grab whatever’s near and sounds good once you’re hungry, you may not feel satisfied with your choice once you reach into your wallet. Instead of hoping for a reasonable deal, look up the menus online when possible. This will help you decide where to eat to get the most out of your money. Or, you can…

Pack a Lunch

Disney World will allow outside food into the park, so long as it isn’t anything you need to heat up. Universal Studios has a similar rule—while Universal Studios also doesn’t allow “picnic lunches,” you can still bring in a smorgasbord of filling snacks such as trail mix. If you don’t mind the extra baggage, this can hugely cut your food costs.

Check Out Orlando’s Visitor Center

In the interest of encouraging visitors and commerce, Orlando’s visitor center will sometimes offer special coupons to the theme parks—they’re worth checking out. Plus, they have information on what else there is to do in the city. Which brings us to our final point:

Check out the Rest of Orlando!

There’s more to the city than these major theme parks. Head to a museum, drive out to a beach, or possibly relax in your rental’s swimming pool. Multiple days of theme park adventures can get exhausting, so take a day off in a long vacation to relax and really enjoy your Tropical Escape vacation home.

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